Friday, October 24, 2008

Napping - sigh

Wow, I could go on forever. I am a heavy endorser of 'the nap'. It's amazing how fast your body can get used to something. I've had intense nap-cravings this week, after my break. I mean a siesta isn't such a CRAZY idea? I mean in our climate - and all. This may be a tough one to get through Parliament, although those lazy ANC dudes would probably be all for it. "Eish - sorry brew - nap time - deal with it tomorrow." Although municipal road worker dudes have it down to an art. It must take special napping skills to just 'kap a dos' wherever you are, like next to a highway. Skills. Impressed.

Nap paraphernalia is also brilliant. Like the ultimate soft blanket. Preferably made from t-shirt or light knit material. Winter napping is also a whole different from Summer napping. Winter napping on a Sunday afternoon with a hot water bottle. Great. Summer napping, after being at the beach all morning and a shower, and a well positioned fan. Nice. (Tanning could probably be considered a form of napping...?)

I looked this up on wikipedia, there is a thing called 'sleep debt'. Sleep debt has been a subject in health and work psychology courses where it is mentioned that in order for one to "pay back" this debt it is necessary to sleep for half the amount of time owed. For example, if of a daily recommended 8 hours sleep one sleeps only 4 hours, one will owe 4 hours; therefore 2 hours of sleep can make up for the 4.

So I'm owed a lot of sleep I recon. Gonna take this one up with HR department.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

tigers and turtles are friends with bunnies.fact.

new word alert + in these tough economic times.

recessionista - a fashion forward individual - who always looks fabulous - despite the lack of funding - in these tough economic times. Many of these types can be found on the I'm-so-cool-it-hurts-and-I-cut-myself-because-I-like-the-hurting website : They make me want to throw-up on them, even though I know some of them. (sorry Rosa - you are still the real McCoy of cool though.) It's become perfectly acceptable to pillage your grandmothers wardrobe - even if she's still alive - these tough economic times. And wear your inner-wear as outer-wear - in these tough economic times.

Have you noticed how everywhere you go you are reminded of these tough economic times? I can't even buy milk from Pick 'n Pay without it being shouted at me from some shelf wobbler. "We're in this together!" Well, No. We aren't Raymond Ackerman. I'm sure you haven't down graded to single ply and Ricoffee. Besides I have my pride, even if I eat like a trailer park whitie at the end of the month, i don't need the cashier sniffing at my 4 dozen eggs and fish fingers

- in these tough economic times.

Monday, October 20, 2008

reality bites

Back at work today. sigh.

Read Eat, Pray, Love while I was away. There is a phrase in Italian from the first part that I love:

Bel far niente

(the beauty of doing nothing)

Only when you have stuff to do again - does this make all the more sense.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gone to Zanzibar

Don't hate me.

(what a loser - reading my blog while I'm lying in the sun with servants and G&T's flowing)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Celeb endorsement

Fluffy bunny's biggest supporter.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

So you think you can dance?

Well I don't.

OK. So I love this show. The American (Series channel on Tuesdays) - not the South African one. In the case of the American version the name of the show is more like a rhetorical question. Whereas with the SA show it really is a legitimate query.

I mean the presenter on the SA version was a YO TV kiddie show host, that hit puberty and was forced to put on a bra and leave. She has this hectic gangsta attitude, a flippin niknak chip on her shoulder, placed there by some freakin nik-nak-finger-stained kid from her last gig. The only bad thing about the American version is the one judge - Mary - who shouts like a drunken fish wife whenever someone gets it right. Which is a lot - unfortunately.

There is nothing worth watching on TV at the moment. There is Gossip Girl on Go, but no-one is patient enough to watch one episode a week, most people (Jake Bester) downloaded it, sat for 6 & half hours and watched it in one tearful go.

U can dance if we want to
U can leave your friends behind
Cause your friends don't dance
And if they don't dance
Well they're no friends of mine

And they shouldn't be on National TV.