Monday, December 7, 2009

Who do you think you are?

Good question.

Thanks for asking Anon-comment-lack-of-humour-person, who clearly has balls of steel. Making anon comments left and right. Way. To. Go.

Well it got me thinking.

I am a youngish 'career' woman, working in a big red ad agency.
I like to sit in the sun with tea, with no-one talking to me or asking me to do anything.
I like to swim in the ocean when it is flat and there are no big scary waves.
I wasn't stuck in 6 hours of traffic after the Killers concert.
I hope I get a Christmas bonus, since I have worked my hypothetical balls off all year.
I have a collection of kitsch dolphin paraphernalia on my desk.
I went in to the Vodacom shop to replace my broken phone - rather rat faced - after the work Christmas party and didn't get a slip. But they remembered me anyway.
(Pictured above with fellow art director, Mike. Post-frolicking.)

I hope this clears things up for you insightful anon comment person.
Best of luck with life in general - I think you'll need it.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Future trend prediction - Ironic Prep

As previously predicted on Fluffy, the whole Twilight, pale vampire, lethargic, don't care vibe is definitely on the up. After Ogilvy's ultra posh and preppy white picnic staff party yesterday, it dawned on me (and Kate also mentioned it) this morning that the whole 'ironic prep' is so the next big thing. Emo plaid has had it's day, when the Tiger Tiger crew have joined in on your fashion fad, it usually/always means that it ain't 'all that' anymore.

Picture this. The we-are-awesome children are starting to mature - slightly - and have perhaps thought to themselves : maybe it would be nice if they didn't look malnourished and angry in all the photographs from their youth. I, Fluffy Bunny, predict emo's will hit the gym and the creatine. Start wearing jerseys around their shoulders and poof up their hair into a prefect Elvis type style. Girls will wear high pony's and poofy skirts with pleats and giggle, a lot. Think Archie comics meets Royale waitress.

Just a prediction.

Maybe I should name this 'fad' so that I can lay claim to it like the Nike tick, and I can do the 'I-told-you-so' dance all over town. (I better train for this, it'll require quite a bit of energy.)

I will call this.....Jockronic.
Will give it some time, it'll catch on.

Proof that I am a B-list web-lebrity.

Finally. I knew it all along!!!! But to have solid (or digital) proof is simply fantastic. See bottom left, PG 15, this months Enjin magazine. Rad. Going to demand more money for this. Perhaps I'll throw a diva like tantrum too, just to see how far I can push this new found fame. Hope I don't get stalkers. Or maybe that would be kind of cool, especially if they would be willing to carry my shopping. mmm.

Defintion: Web- lebrity.

One who is famous on the web.

Examples: Me. Perez Hilton. Britany Spears.(Who is actually 2 years older than me - this makes me feel like gloating and has totally changed my perspective on life. BEing 2 years younger than Britany that is)