Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So sad, so tired

The day after. It has not sunk in yet, that's for sure. Walking around part zombie at the moment. Slept for 15hours and still feel a mess. But it's definitly been worth it. Had some amazing moments and made a few new awesome mates. Check out Cuan and I being interviewed by Zoopy TV. had no idea that I have a cape-townian accent on steroids. Will deal with this realization tomorrow. Or the next day. Sleepy time now - round 2.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Mental Case

So, I've been around the country in 10 days, still 4 to go to complete the round trip. It's like working 24hours, so needless to say there have been some 'delicate' moments. Maintaining sanity and composure on 3 hours sleep has been challenging. But overall the experiences have been amazing. I'm driving out of Stellenbosch, we are about to take our convoy past the Ogilvy building and then onto the Sea Point promenade (from 5 - 8) for our final 'signing event'. Really looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and 'Shooowow, how I have missed my mountain...woooow.' I now know for sure that I am a Cape townian till the end. Come on down and sign the car, it looks freakin awesome. Also, I could do with a hug! (More details to follow when I have slept for longer than 3 hours, my best moment so far was going into the 5fm offices and meeting the breakfast team, so much fun.) (Bra Matthews above, smelt like whiskey at 8am!)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Goodbye Citi - Hello Shaun

Ok, so the Citi campaign has been getting quite a bit of press coverage. But there is a a far more important campaign running in conjunction/parallel/at the same time.

Meet Shaun. Hello Shaun.

He is our marketer. (Yes, like we own him, or like a pet or something.)
He has been working very very hard. He has had no time to 'go on dates' or 'meet people'. So he is hoping that he can conduct a countrywide Girlfriend Survey whilst on our tour. He plans on using all his per diems on buying drinks for 'lovely ladies' he encounters on the way. If he can't find someone on this trip - he may consider emigrating.

Shaun's strong points:

He dresses real neat.
He writes lots of emails.
He has an iphone.
He lives in Seapoint - upper/Fresnaye.
He surfs...sometimes.
He thinks he may be the MD of something one day.
He will have about R125 to spend on drinks per day. (So get in there early.)
He is very sensitive.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Crazy times. Exciting Times.

Wow, what a mad week. So excited about work at the moment. Leave for road trip in 5days 15hr 10min 6secs. (really) The clock on our www.goodbyeciti.co.za page is making me super nervous/excited/unable to eat anything! I will try blog from the road - should encounter some cool peops/places/stories. A bit of a behind, behind the scenes if you will :) Maybe this is a first? Should check it out...maybe there is a reason it hasn't been done before? Come to think of it, who actually cares about behind,behind the scenes?? Hopefully fluffy bunnies will. Maybe this will become a new realty TV catergory? mmmmm.....

So, my mom (Gail) did a video for our campaign (She couldn't say no, and besides she owned one of the first Citi's in CPT - so genuine relevance!) Filmed this clip last Sunday, with a lovely glass of wine in my hand, before we had lunch.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Campaign - and how will I get everything in one bag!

My new campaign site launched today - www.goodbyeciti.co.za Looks so hot - thanks to the boys at Hello Computer and Ogilvy Interactive. So exciting! Leaving on Tuesday to go on a road trip around SA for 14 days! Only 4 girls - in a crew of 18. How on earth am I gonna fit all the things 'I need' into one bag? mmmm? Can't take 2 bags - then I'll just be subjected to daily Princess comments! Gonna have to think about this one.

Check out Tammy's video (Of Bob Sagget Dream fame) flipping hilarious! (love you Tam xx)