Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh dear.

This was just the ugliest 'wall of shoes' I have ever seen. Can you just imagine the men who wear these bad boys! And there are so many pairs - therefore there must be far more dodgy 'tiger,tiger' boys on the prowl, than we all realised. Very scary indeed. But at least now you know to run a mile if you see any male approach you in these white pointy serial-killer-attire shoes.

These shoes are almost like a silent siren, 'weeooo weeoooo, I'm a wife-beating-brandy-and-coke-brain-dead-cy-cowboy, weeeoooo, weeeoooo!

It's best just to remain calm, laugh at his unPC joke and back away. (police - 10111)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The new guy in the office

Meet Sneaky Winky. (The best kind of Winky really.)
Small (no pun intended) phenomenon has started in our office, Mr S.W has been up on our wall for a few days, and people have begun to wonder: "What would Sneaky Winky do?" or W.W.S.W.D. Some have even taken to eating lunch and gazing upon him, waiting for an answer to life's many problems. His fierce and knowing gaze has instilled hope amongst even the most skeptical of believers.


Sunday, November 9, 2008

happy monday morning viewing

Famous bunnies and really cool website

Amazing Bunny Dedication -

Miffy - global bunny icon and general champion of the fluffy bunny cause.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lunch hour

Or hour and a half really - if you can sneak past traffic/tell-tale-co-worker types. Lately we've been making more of an effort to get outdoors during lunch - as apposed to going from one building to another building. And it seems to have had a pretty positive effect. These pics are from lunchtimes last week.

We perused the pavilion - which is very Miami-vibes really and apparently one of the most beautiful public pools in the world. (source - Sue - She is a journo though, hence very legitimate)

Scenario - Leave the office in a rage after some stupid marketer encounter or other. Dive into pool and rise out of the depths refreshed, a new, reborn really. Amazing. Almost spiritual - or something or nothing.

ENDORSEMENT: And if you go today - it's ONLY R13! Bargain!
(trying to make money off the blog now - shameless!)

Great entertainment in these tough economic times.

The other pic is of deer park cafe. Sprawled on my ever-so-trendy hounds-tooth picnic blanket looking up at the trees, sipping a coke or smoking a menthol - it's hard to feel worried whether or not you're going to get that inflation increase or if some client will butcher your creative-baby idea. Bliss.

Also free. Great.

Products and life really

This morning as I was in my shower, I glanced over at all my products. ( I have a thing for ready the back labels on things, but that is besides the point.) I then had a bit of an Epiphany - most of product descriptors are also pretty good personality descriptors.

Take me for example - Dry and sensitive (skin) but also a pretty accurate description.

Must suck if you have shampoo for normal hair. Although it probably means you're a pretty hassle/issue free kinda of gal. Anti-dandruff people are probably really un-sexy and wear beige panties on Saturday nights. Thats probably why all fake tan people are, well - usually pretty fake.

oh well.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Giant and evil corporations

It's tough remaining inspired. Even for just the occasional blog or so. For the last week I have been working at a big red corp doing work for an evil green corp - and it's becoming really hard to tell the difference. I have no problem with crossing t's and dotting i's to keep el-cliento happy. But there is a freakin limit to this PC 'make-everybody-happy-bull-shit' quite frankly. This PC thing is out of control! It just crushes all creativity from the get-go.

Client/evil marketer types VO: 'Um - sorry, please take off that silly clown hat and put on this sensible beige peak - oh yes - much better. Don't forget sunblock and your other race best friend!'

Creative/genius types VO : 'Um - no not really. Now all I have is a sensible, granny-on-safari beige peak cap - no style, no humour - who the fuck is gonna want to look at this peak cap! And I hate this guy, and sunblock makes me look sweaty. I mean honestly!' creative whimpers as other creatives frolic around with awards - they look so shiny. sigh.

Play the goddam game!

Climb that big beautiful red ladder!

- well, no thanks.