Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Jeeez. So I had way way way too much wine last night, and then some pyromaniac decides to set the city on fire. Completely unnecessary I'd say. And inconsiderate. Hanging like a pregnant street dog is bad enough without the nauseating fire stench that has filled the city bowl.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Friday, March 13, 2009

They are among us

So I went to this wedding the other day. It was an afrikaans wedding, my friend is afrikaans, and has afrikaans friends - naturally. These groups of Afrikaans WASP types - terrify me to my very core. They are groomed to the teeth. There was a howling gale and not one of their collective hairs was out of place. They wore floral and prom like dresses and danced in a circle of perfection. I wonder what would happen if 'something-went-wrong' in their lives. Like the card and the wrapping paper didn't match - outcast! Somebody didn't moisturize their elbows - death! This level of perfection is way way too much pressure and must be really off-putting to men (except the ones who like their wife to greet them, barefoot, in an apron).

I was relieved, however, that I had bothered to paint my nails and was wearing a frock that blended in somewhat - so that I could walk among them seemingly unnoticed. (Although they probably knew) I walked around smugly - knowing all along, that my underwear didn't match.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My dad is a genius

So, my dad was on SAFM this morning, talking to Tim Modise about stem cell research. Because of OBAMA allowing public funding in the states. Which is great.

My dad uses adult stem cells. i.e cells from adults and not embryo's - the stem cell research causing all the controversy. It ridiculous that in this day and age the catholic church is still on it's witch hunts - and that people listen to their archaic rants. What procedure or ground breaking technology hasn't caused controversy? The benefits far outway the fuss. And I bet if anything happened to a relative of those ranters - and stem cells could help - they would be first in-line anyway.

Very PROUD of my dad this morning. He managed to dis government, make fun of a retard caller and come across as a legit genius before most people have even had their first cup of coffee - well played dad.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"and just like...I'm back"

So I saw this little tag on this other blog. I never realized just how 'competitive' blogging had become. (rather 'under-a-rock' mentality) I also really like awards - a hazard of being in advertising. SO - I think I need to crank that handle and start this puppy up again. I can beat those retards - anyday. There are so many 'trend-spotting' sites. It isn't safe to go buy a loaf of bread anymore. The streets seem to be packed with this trigger happy freaks. Get a real job.

like in advertising. (joke)