Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bookclub and Xmas

Friday eve was the meeting of several great events - 2 years of 'book'club
(Cliterature - Copyrighted - we thought of it first - not CLEO magazine. Ahem, Angela. If this was the states I think we could possibly sue them for bastardizing our cherished name like that. Have they no shame?)
- Christmas - Friday night. Being in a book club has been 'amazing' (hate that word - but feels appropriate for a change) Once a month, no excuses, no penis, lots of wine, food and penis/fart talk. It's been the crutch that has gotten me through several bad stressful weeks at work, saved me thousands in therapy bills and made me feel more like a woman than ever. (cue music)

Thanks for the clips Tam.

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