Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lunch hour

Or hour and a half really - if you can sneak past traffic/tell-tale-co-worker types. Lately we've been making more of an effort to get outdoors during lunch - as apposed to going from one building to another building. And it seems to have had a pretty positive effect. These pics are from lunchtimes last week.

We perused the pavilion - which is very Miami-vibes really and apparently one of the most beautiful public pools in the world. (source - Sue - She is a journo though, hence very legitimate)

Scenario - Leave the office in a rage after some stupid marketer encounter or other. Dive into pool and rise out of the depths refreshed, a new, reborn really. Amazing. Almost spiritual - or something or nothing.

ENDORSEMENT: And if you go today - it's ONLY R13! Bargain!
(trying to make money off the blog now - shameless!)

Great entertainment in these tough economic times.

The other pic is of deer park cafe. Sprawled on my ever-so-trendy hounds-tooth picnic blanket looking up at the trees, sipping a coke or smoking a menthol - it's hard to feel worried whether or not you're going to get that inflation increase or if some client will butcher your creative-baby idea. Bliss.

Also free. Great.

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