Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Giant and evil corporations

It's tough remaining inspired. Even for just the occasional blog or so. For the last week I have been working at a big red corp doing work for an evil green corp - and it's becoming really hard to tell the difference. I have no problem with crossing t's and dotting i's to keep el-cliento happy. But there is a freakin limit to this PC 'make-everybody-happy-bull-shit' quite frankly. This PC thing is out of control! It just crushes all creativity from the get-go.

Client/evil marketer types VO: 'Um - sorry, please take off that silly clown hat and put on this sensible beige peak - oh yes - much better. Don't forget sunblock and your other race best friend!'

Creative/genius types VO : 'Um - no not really. Now all I have is a sensible, granny-on-safari beige peak cap - no style, no humour - who the fuck is gonna want to look at this peak cap! And I hate this guy, and sunblock makes me look sweaty. I mean honestly!' creative whimpers as other creatives frolic around with awards - they look so shiny. sigh.

Play the goddam game!

Climb that big beautiful red ladder!

- well, no thanks.

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