Friday, March 13, 2009

They are among us

So I went to this wedding the other day. It was an afrikaans wedding, my friend is afrikaans, and has afrikaans friends - naturally. These groups of Afrikaans WASP types - terrify me to my very core. They are groomed to the teeth. There was a howling gale and not one of their collective hairs was out of place. They wore floral and prom like dresses and danced in a circle of perfection. I wonder what would happen if 'something-went-wrong' in their lives. Like the card and the wrapping paper didn't match - outcast! Somebody didn't moisturize their elbows - death! This level of perfection is way way too much pressure and must be really off-putting to men (except the ones who like their wife to greet them, barefoot, in an apron).

I was relieved, however, that I had bothered to paint my nails and was wearing a frock that blended in somewhat - so that I could walk among them seemingly unnoticed. (Although they probably knew) I walked around smugly - knowing all along, that my underwear didn't match.


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