Friday, September 18, 2009

4 Random Thoughts from the week

Gym encounter
I went to gym this morning, and popped in for a quickwizz before jumping on a machine. When I emerged from the cubicle, there was 'someone' waiting in line. I paused, mouth open, about to ask if maybe he was in the wrong bathroom, then stopped - Oh shit, I'm having a Semenya Moment! Then I thought about how stoked old Julius would be if he found out a blonde whitie had tuned someone in a gym bathroom. I closed my mouth and carried on walking, I did listen to hear if SheMan lifted the seat. She didn't. Close call.

Dinosaur Phase
Does everyone go through a dinosaur phase? My little bro did, but that was around about Jurassic Park time, so that made sense-ish. But now, my little almost-niece is also going through a dinosaur phase. Weird. Which made me think about all the kiddie dinosaur programmes - Barney, Denver the last dinosaur, the land before time, etc. Why are little humans so into dinosaurs? They can hardly tell you what they'd like for supper, but they're in love with creatures that roamed the earth millions of years ago? I never had a dinosaur phase. Will this result in a quarter-life crisis? "Oh dear, you didn't like the ol dino's, eh? Well I'm sorry to tell you, but you're totally fucked." Shit. Maybe it's some weird primal thing, left over from the caveman days? (Which makes me more advanced, or retarded. Not sure.) Gonna 'Google Shrink' this. Or just accept it and just continue with my life.

Nescafe Ad
There is this Nescafe ad on TV at the moment. It starts with saucy music, a close up of a pearl neklace, a girl drinking a cappuccino on a couch, she gets some foam on her lip etc. I've seen it loads of times, but didn't really pay attention, cause my brain has subconsciously pre-filed it as totally crap and not worthwhile. But then, last night it hit me. Jeez! The whole thing is a 'sexual metaphor'! Call me slow and/or an innocent. But what makes Nescafe think I'd want to drink a semen cappuccino!! Thats just freakin disgusting! Pearl Necklace. Coffee Bastards. Eeew! Boycotting.

There is this really cool BBC documentary about the Queen. I know it's just propaganda. It's supposed to make us all 'relate to her' on a 'human level'. But she isn't really human, is she? If they showed us things like her making a cup of tea or buying tampons, then maybe I'd buy what they are selling. Nice try BBC, you ain't fooling nobody!

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