Monday, September 14, 2009

Satan is in my radio

I was innocently driving and listening to the 5fm TOP 40 yesterday (Hosted by @Rob_Vember). I nearly swerved off the road when to my horror, Satan came on to announce the next part of the show. Really, like play your records backwards and get messages from the under world announcer. It was 'flippin scary bru!' 'Maybe it was some mistake? Surely this can't be for real, calm down Jen, maybe it's all in your head" But no, a few songs later he was back! It was like being in a very bad, 80's B-grade horror movie: Reee reee, it's coming from the radioooooo!! Satan is in the radio!!! Cue crazy demonic red alien thingy with horns 'emerging' from my tape-deck on the N1. Well at least it wasn't someone from Top Billing (I have a message from the 90's for you Alex Jay - it's over). Guess Satan would be a better announcer than Joanne Strauss. Probably a lot funnier too.

(Googled Satan Radio - found it. Obviously)

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