Monday, November 9, 2009

Goodbye Citi - Hello Shaun

Ok, so the Citi campaign has been getting quite a bit of press coverage. But there is a a far more important campaign running in conjunction/parallel/at the same time.

Meet Shaun. Hello Shaun.

He is our marketer. (Yes, like we own him, or like a pet or something.)
He has been working very very hard. He has had no time to 'go on dates' or 'meet people'. So he is hoping that he can conduct a countrywide Girlfriend Survey whilst on our tour. He plans on using all his per diems on buying drinks for 'lovely ladies' he encounters on the way. If he can't find someone on this trip - he may consider emigrating.

Shaun's strong points:

He dresses real neat.
He writes lots of emails.
He has an iphone.
He lives in Seapoint - upper/Fresnaye.
He surfs...sometimes.
He thinks he may be the MD of something one day.
He will have about R125 to spend on drinks per day. (So get in there early.)
He is very sensitive.


Kate said...

He also looks like he's about to bitchslap somebody.

amymaybe said...

He likes to bitch slap too.

Tracy said...

Ahhhh Shaun! I am ur biggest fan! I want full report backs on how well you use that R125 !

Travel safe y'all!

Bridget said...

If he's so big on the email, why is he not replying to any of mine?