Friday, November 6, 2009

Crazy times. Exciting Times.

Wow, what a mad week. So excited about work at the moment. Leave for road trip in 5days 15hr 10min 6secs. (really) The clock on our page is making me super nervous/excited/unable to eat anything! I will try blog from the road - should encounter some cool peops/places/stories. A bit of a behind, behind the scenes if you will :) Maybe this is a first? Should check it out...maybe there is a reason it hasn't been done before? Come to think of it, who actually cares about behind,behind the scenes?? Hopefully fluffy bunnies will. Maybe this will become a new realty TV catergory? mmmmm.....

So, my mom (Gail) did a video for our campaign (She couldn't say no, and besides she owned one of the first Citi's in CPT - so genuine relevance!) Filmed this clip last Sunday, with a lovely glass of wine in my hand, before we had lunch.

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