Friday, November 20, 2009

Mental Case

So, I've been around the country in 10 days, still 4 to go to complete the round trip. It's like working 24hours, so needless to say there have been some 'delicate' moments. Maintaining sanity and composure on 3 hours sleep has been challenging. But overall the experiences have been amazing. I'm driving out of Stellenbosch, we are about to take our convoy past the Ogilvy building and then onto the Sea Point promenade (from 5 - 8) for our final 'signing event'. Really looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and 'Shooowow, how I have missed my mountain...woooow.' I now know for sure that I am a Cape townian till the end. Come on down and sign the car, it looks freakin awesome. Also, I could do with a hug! (More details to follow when I have slept for longer than 3 hours, my best moment so far was going into the 5fm offices and meeting the breakfast team, so much fun.) (Bra Matthews above, smelt like whiskey at 8am!)

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