Thursday, December 3, 2009

Proof that I am a B-list web-lebrity.

Finally. I knew it all along!!!! But to have solid (or digital) proof is simply fantastic. See bottom left, PG 15, this months Enjin magazine. Rad. Going to demand more money for this. Perhaps I'll throw a diva like tantrum too, just to see how far I can push this new found fame. Hope I don't get stalkers. Or maybe that would be kind of cool, especially if they would be willing to carry my shopping. mmm.

Defintion: Web- lebrity.

One who is famous on the web.

Examples: Me. Perez Hilton. Britany Spears.(Who is actually 2 years older than me - this makes me feel like gloating and has totally changed my perspective on life. BEing 2 years younger than Britany that is)

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Bella S said...


First time I've come across your blog, you have a very unoriginal name - did you know there is a design company in CT named Fluffy Bunny?? I know it's been around since about 2001...?