Thursday, December 3, 2009

Future trend prediction - Ironic Prep

As previously predicted on Fluffy, the whole Twilight, pale vampire, lethargic, don't care vibe is definitely on the up. After Ogilvy's ultra posh and preppy white picnic staff party yesterday, it dawned on me (and Kate also mentioned it) this morning that the whole 'ironic prep' is so the next big thing. Emo plaid has had it's day, when the Tiger Tiger crew have joined in on your fashion fad, it usually/always means that it ain't 'all that' anymore.

Picture this. The we-are-awesome children are starting to mature - slightly - and have perhaps thought to themselves : maybe it would be nice if they didn't look malnourished and angry in all the photographs from their youth. I, Fluffy Bunny, predict emo's will hit the gym and the creatine. Start wearing jerseys around their shoulders and poof up their hair into a prefect Elvis type style. Girls will wear high pony's and poofy skirts with pleats and giggle, a lot. Think Archie comics meets Royale waitress.

Just a prediction.

Maybe I should name this 'fad' so that I can lay claim to it like the Nike tick, and I can do the 'I-told-you-so' dance all over town. (I better train for this, it'll require quite a bit of energy.)

I will call this.....Jockronic.
Will give it some time, it'll catch on.


Anonymous said...

Who do you think you are?

Andrew Macfarlane said...

I think you on to something YO!

T-Shirt of Cool said...

Im so rocking this look this season. All that gymming and protein shakes have made my legs too buff for skinny jeans, y'know what i mean bru?

Oscar Devonian said...

I think this is happening a bit now with the neo-Rockabilly thing that's going on. Y'know, girls in 50s-cut dresses with cherries on them who do burlesque and all that.