Monday, September 8, 2008

Amazing really isn't so Amazing

Yes, granted, some things are occasionally amazing. But how are you supposed to know the difference? When it seems everything people bloody touch these days is 'amazing'. How can yoghurt and muesli be amazing? Everyday? (long contemplative pause) I mean come on!

Definition of amazing is: to overwhelm, surprise, sudden wonder, astonish greatly. If a freakin yoghurt does that to you, well then you haven't lived. So what do you say when you really do think something is amazing? 'Oh how lovely' - because amazing has been taken by phonies and Americans the world over. Using amazing is also just plain lazy. It kinda, sorta applies to everything.

Thought process: "oh hell, I'm not gonna spend the energy trying to think of an appropriate word, I'll just use amazing again and freak out all the people I talk to all day long"

So lets wip out some oldies occasionally, mmmm? Like fabulous, spectacular, or even 'my yoghurt is nice' - that would be heaven.

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