Friday, September 19, 2008

Drunk Blogging and the Art of the tactical puke

There's no shame in that heading.

In fact, I'm kind of proud to lay claim to this cherished past time.

So Yes : I'm a puker.

I'm also in advertising, and these 2 things go hand in hand. There's way too much free booze on week nights for me to get away with it any other way. Several jaggies and a couple finger snacks later, I was feeling a tad under the weather last night. Was I afraid for my presentation the next day? Did I fear the inevitable hanging-like-dog scenario? No! Why? The trusted tactical puke was there for me. And today, I feel fine! (Also an THE Engen spinach and feta pie is a winner.)

(No I'm not drunk. Drunk blogging is a bit like drunk-dialing - except with more witnesses. Not a good idea.)

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