Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Devil food - And Crush lying to you

There's nothing worse that a faker. I mean, hot dogs, burgers, cheese, croissants, they aren't trying to bullshit you. They're like - "Eat me and you'll be fat, but it'll be gooooood" They're straight up - down the line - Fair enough.

Then you get devil food. Food that you think is not going to contribute to your 'situation', but does. Cleverly/meanly disguised as a "fruit" or "seed".

Scenario: You go out for lunch. You think "I'm gonna be healthy today, not gonna go crazy. Think I'll have a wheat-free, egg-free, sugar-free, taste-free, date bar from Crush with my coffee. What harm could it do??" or "hmmmm, I'm still a little munchy, I'll take some yummy healthy sunflower seeds (from Crush) to work to snack on."

Meanwhile, back at the Fat Ranch: Sunflower seeds - hahaha! Might as well have a tub of margarine! Dates - hahahaha! Might as well have a chocolate! Crush - more like crush my freakin self-esteem, like Crush all hopes of thinness!

Nutritional Info to back up ranting:
100g of dates = 1180kj / 280cal
100g sunflower seeds = 2390kj / 570cal


T-Shirt of Cool said...

What if you took a date ball, covered it in margarine, rolled it in sunflower seeds, and then CRUSHED it and made a fat free, non diary, soy latte, hold the sweetner?

TheHyrax said...

i agree. i hate crush. and i'm hugely suspicious of their skinny muffins.