Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cape Town Cafe Society

It's really puzzling to me how some members of the public can spend their days, their entire day, sitting at a vida. (especially the Kloof street one) There must be some sort of underground thing going on. Possible members of this 'secret society' are:

The giant-beaded-necklaces man. He looks a bit like a fat John Malkovich, he is always wearing a 'fabulous' new necklace, (that looks like something a 5 year old made) and when accompanied by someone, always seems to be in the middle of a 'fabulous' 'convo'. How fabulous can life possibly be? If all you do is sit at vida all day? What interesting shenanigans can possibly occur every 15 min?

Dragon-power-fanny-pack-slayer. Ok, so he runs a gym and is a fighting champion. But when does he find the time? He's always at vida?? Also, how does he freakin sleep? (first asian vampire?) I wouldn't want to find out what is in his fanny-pack (apparently a gun or something - ooooh) after a couple double espresso's. Should someone consuming so much coffee be allowed to have a weapon?

Not-funny-comedian man: So he has a nice car and a couple cool tats. But he has way too much time on his hands and caffeine in his urine.

OK. So maybe I'm jealous? I'd like to be able to just sip vida, have a fannypack, get a couple tats, and have fabulous conversations all day.

But I can't. How boring.

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