Friday, September 12, 2008

Women's Changing Room and Giraffe Woman

It's like a parallel universe in there. There are numerous things to say on this topic, so this might be the first of many 'observations'

Giraffe Woman

Scenario - I'm putting on mascara at the basin, really pleased with myself that I manage to get to gym this morning, when this old (38+) chick strides up to the hand dryer, flips her hair over like a flash-dance move, opens her legs, bends forward like a freakin giraffe at a watering hole and starts to blow dry her hair.(with a hand dryer) Worse, she starts humming some shit song or other. Really appalling. Women - I don't want to meet your maker at 7:30am. (next time I'll take a pic. Hopefully no children read my blog.)

G-string chicks - Yes, you have no cellulite. (only a matter of time) And your ass looks like a Mcdonalds burger, but it's just unnecessary to parade around, do your make-up, call your mother, ask for my deo, do a cheer, in your g-string.(that's it). It's awkward, and just plain show-offy.

Also sucks bumping into people, you kinda sorta know. Scenario - Hi 'boobs' how 'boobs' are 'boobs' you 'boobs' doing 'boobs' ?

I mean, honestly.