Monday, July 6, 2009

Biscuit Fury (or Furry)

SO I went to Biscuit Mill this weekend. Put in a sufficient tredoid effort to look 'hip and cool' so that I could blend in with all the hanging bicycles and dress-lights and seriously hip and cool locals, etc. Only to leave in a blind ranting fury, over a rather awesome furry (second hand) jersey. There is this rather rude, fake-British accent lady, in the design tent that has sourced cool 'label' second hand stuff. Like scarves from Liberty's and real wool jerseys from Germany etc. She wanted R150 for said jersey. But considering we were at a MARKET, I thought I'd try barter a bit and offer her R100. Only to be met with the smirky look and a shriek of 'how horrific, pay me what it says on the hand written label!' First up, I bought a dress the other day at a charity shop for R8 which people ask me if it's from Country Road, second up, isn't this place supposed to be a market??? I can buy an awesome Marion and Lindie dress for R800 - you silly design-tent cretins! I sew too and can locate charity shops. So - YOU AREN"T THAT SPECIAL - and - STOP TRYING TO RIP ME OFF!

Totally ruined it for me, after that everything seemed over priced and badly made. Bummed out , I decided to try Milnerton Market on Sunday. Which along with coughing old people, obese woman with Chihuahua's climbing all over her and a scattering of emo/trendoids, was far more 'cool'. Bargains and bartering galore and unashamedly.

Sure Milnerton isn't as 'pretty'. (it's actually best not to look too long at the people there) But at least it is a genuine market. And no-one spazzed all over me in a fake-accent.


Biscuit Mill : 4/10 (Points for prettiness and coolness)
Milnerton Market : 8/10 (No freak out, lots of freaks, entertainment value.)

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