Monday, July 6, 2009


Awhile ago when I was supposed to be brain storming/earning a living, I drew these dudes instead. Seems as thought they should be friends. And they should do cool stuff together. Mr Montgomery is extremely wise and witty and drinks too much. Mr Smith is sneaky and trys to hard, but has rad teeth. Mr Tim is goofy and naive and laughs at everything. These guys rock.

Their Facebook status's should give you insight into their daily

Mr Smith is : watching Hitler finding out about MJ's death on Youtube.
Mr Montgomery is : recovering from a weekend of *Kraaifontein cocktails.
Mr Tim is : thinks he might have found the one.

**Kraaifontein - N1 somewhere, too far away for anyone that lives in 'town' to worry about.
*Kraaifontein cocktail = dbl Klipdrift brandy and coke on the rocks.

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