Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Steri Stumpie/Life Competition

Yesterday after seeing the cool marching band video at King James, Cuan and I decided to nominate each other to be Steri Stumpie ambassadors. We held a photo shoot, and everything.

Reasons why Cuan should be the ambassador:

1 : He is cynical and lonely. His life is lived in permanent shades of gray.
2: He looks good in pink and gay men like him. (Strawberry flavor is his favorite.)
3: A marching band would make him cut himself less and make him very happy, he may even dance around a bit.
4: He needs the steri stumpie rainbow of colour in his life to keep on swimming. (Like that fish in Finding Nemo. Although I prefer Dolphins, obviously.)

Reasons why I should be an ambassador:
(Cuan is being allowed to write this - it is a fluffy bunny first!!!)

1. She has a very low opinion of herself. Winning a competition like this might help.
2. She likes Steri Stumpie. More than she likes herself.
3: She once bought a Chocolate Steri Stumpie that "tasted like banana." Winning this competition will help her get over the trauma.
4. I'll get the opportunity to steal some of the Steri Stumpies she wins. This will benefit me.

We should win.


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