Monday, July 13, 2009

The Great Tattoo Debate

"Don't all arty people have tattoos?" asked Miss. Cyn's boyfriend.

Guess it is a relevant left brain question. It is something I have pondered before too. How can you call yourself a real arty farty trendoid and not get something meaningful inked on your bottom? mmm? Madam Tam has a bird-like design on the back of her neck, she says that she doesn't actually see it everyday. She got it to remind her of a friend that passed and she doesn't see it as a tattoo, but as a reminder. This seems like a more relevant reason to get a tat than say the guy who is always on Clifton 2nd, and has 2 pistols on his tum, aimed at his 'member'. Although, maybe that is also very relevant? (Better be, that is an awful lot of hype to live up to Mr. Pistols.) Miss Cyn also saw a pretty blonde girl at the Claremont gym, with a Sharks (rugby team) logo in her tramp stamp region. Shockingly crap - she is gonna regret that one, once her poncy Villager's rugby playing boyfriend dumps her tramp stamp ass.

That said, I can't bring myself to trust anyone enough to execute my chosen design 'perfectly'. As a serious control freak art director, if one little line was out - it would plague me forever. It would be like looking at kak type settings for the rest of my days. (Sweating in a terror at the thought of this!) If however one day I do encounter some Leonardo Di Vinci type tattoo artist, I'd really like an antique rose upon my arty derrier, something that I will still like when I am a granny and I sip tea out of a little china cup - with just such a rose on it. That would be rad.

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