Tuesday, July 14, 2009


There, said it.

Very inspired after watching Fokofpolisiekar at Encounters last night. I thought that I would lay the cards on the table. (You'd better sit down for this.)

Yes, I grew up in Welgemoed. It is on the fringes of Bellville.
I went to primary school in Boston, Bellville.
Almost all my neighbours were Afrikaans and ran around without shoes on - a lot.
I have Afrikaans maatjies who went to D.F Malan High School. (Still called that - Madness)
I have been to those Nazi like atletiek days at the Bellville stadium. (scary)
I am from the other side of the boerewors curtain. And finally kind of proud of it.
(People are far more interesting out there. So what if my daddy's daddy didn't go to Bishops. Most southern suburbs people couldn't find the Blue Peter with a GPS, a compass and the help of Kingsley Holgate. Fokof.)

I'm not saying I am 'like the fokof' boys (cause I ain't) but when I say 'I get it', I get it.

It was fan-bloody-tastic to see such unapologetic behavior and such a (was about 5 years ago, but still) fresh take on music in South Africa. Not more freakin PC bullshit. Since so many of their lyrics are in higher grade Afrikaans and are usually screamed at you violently, it was awesome to appreciate ALL the lyrics (not just the 'hemel in die platteland' part) last night on the sub-titles. It was awesomely put together, flippin kiff graphics by the boys at Amicollective. I hope that that documentary is shown all over the world, it really shows what great things young south african musicians, producers and directors can do. That said, I think it could have been about 10min shorter, was a lot of repetition. I would also have been interested to know how black South Africans have responded to their music - for or against? I am so relieved and inspired to see that FINALLY some cool freakin shit is coming from the old regime. On Friday night at the VICE launch party a heavy metal band, made up entirely of black guys called Soweto played. They were awesome. The lead singer looked full on epic head banging with dreads. Hooray! For crossing cultures and embracing your own and where you grew up! Hooray!

It's about foking time!


Andrew Macfarlane said...

Hey it's your brother. Fokoff are a great band and have made huge strides in the Afrikaans music scene, but there are so many more Bellville bands, check out "Bellville Rock City" dvd, which gives you a breakdown of all the local northern bands. But I've check out Fokoff live and Phillip Eramus hangs with these guys and all they are a bunch of coke head, retards. Their first band 'New World Inside' disvoled into the halls of time cause they kept on getting drunk on stage beat up other bands they were playing with and told everyone at the gigs, and I quote, "that God can fuck himself." They are nothing to be proud of and at the NG kerk at the KKNK were not allowed play because of their regilous views. But other smaller bands from the Northern parts could do with MORE pubicity and time. Heres my theory on what you should be telling people of the Southern region (no pun intended) That they themselves in person come out here and go to places like corner bar and eye of horus (not sure of the spelling). these places are great to check out new Northern bands, because people like Fokof are just a dime a dozen so many bands like them now a days and they themselves have up to three to four side projects... They just want the cash and want to get fucked and piss people like me off with their boring cords and unoriginal music that is just recased into new song all the time... Anyway.............. Love bunnies, and thought the article was good anyway to get people to cross the great divide of the curtain that are being made from'sih farmer'ish wors. (That is proper dutch'ish) Bellville Rocks!

Jennifer said...

yes yes brother, saw the part in the documentary about the fuck god thing. Yes they do seem to get wasted - all the time. But they have paved the way for all the bands of which you speak. If you are going to stop listening to music that was done by fucked up drug heads, then throw away your Jimmy Hendrix and Bob Marley CD's too. But, whatever, not gonna fall on my