Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Excuse me Captain, where are we going?

So, I had breakfast with my intensely cynical mate the other morn. (Which is a compliment in my book, 'cynical' just means you aren't a naive moron normally.) We got into a medium-weight discussion about 'information overloading'. Which is something that is troubling me presently, especially just before I go to sleep, too many options on what to dream about. Started with this whole MJ thing. First off, the lame people in twitterland were almost ECSTATIC, no more meaningless tweets about the weather or what you had for lunch, cause today, you can talk to just about anyone on the planet about MJ and be part of the 'global mourning'. (if that is what it is anyway) Miss Syn. pointed out that people are becoming obsessed with how 'fun' global mourning is. Are people on the 'farms' with way less of this 'crucial' daily info, happier? Probably.

I think it's nice to be 'in the know', (Although I still get insanely blasted for sending around a day old Youtube clip at work. Nerds.) The 'key' is to not take it all (or your online self) too seriously. No need to commit suicide over MJ or anything (Although apparently people have) - sure he was a music and creative genius, but = you did'nt even know the guy. Why kill yourself over a guy who never even sent you a Christmas card. Ridiculous and not at all original. (Kurt Cobain)

So, point being - little side-tracked there - where is all this going? All this information, about just about nothing and everything. All the self-obsessed blogging and tweeting. Where is the final destination? Has anyone thought about it? I hadn't, guess I'll just keep contributing to the information rubbish dump, and wait for Google to tell me where to go next. (Which is probably that new 'Wave' thing, but anywho.) lalalala. Think I'm gonna buy a blouse on ebay today.

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