Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Report Card

Read/ing : The Belle de Jour, a book based on a blog of a London Call girl. ( Her blog is only slightly more interesting than mine. (intense blog envy) Must say it's a rather 'educational' and intimidating book. Only got half way, not something I could read in public.

Listening : Obsessed with 'Super Massive Black Hole - Muse' at the moment. It's like sexy, evil syrup in song format, or a sexy evil crumpet covered in sexy evil syrup (hungry) - on repeat.

Drank : Too much red wine (dam) at Mary's Flat warming. (Did not go according to plan)

Ate : Divine breakfast (after BAD, excessive red wine evening) at Gainsburg. Arnold's is so 2006, and a grease pit with a siff fatso manager who hits on defenseless hungover people. yuck. Gainsburg - 2009 - Prince Harry ate there once. Nuff said.

Exercise : Yoga on Sunday. (Pain in new places today) and long walk along the Seapoint Promenade. Inspired by Encounters movie (Afraid to go into too much detail here, after extreme abuse from the Pet and Tard Copywriter, over Fokof blog post - jeez.)

Watched : Seapoint days - was so beautifully filmed, the director was there (Francois Verster), he gave a talk before the movie and everyone clapped afterwards. Went with my mom and dad, was lovely.

Marks and Comments : B

Jennifer shows potential, if only she could stay more focused on her long term goals of fitness and happiness, and not be swayed by red wine. She is taking steps in the right direction. Keep it up Jennifer.

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