Monday, July 13, 2009

a comment

Weirdly this morning I was just thinking how I rarely get any comments on my posts. And was a little bummed out, when I happened to spot one glistening comment of hope below my steri ambassador post. Only to have my hopes dashed by some 'anonymous' wanker. Look buddy, if you don't like 'fluffy bunnies' then go get stuffed. Also, shrinks say people who don't like animals are probably psychopaths (especially bunnies). So I don't want you, lame anonymous psychopaths reading my blog anyway. So just leave, pack that crazy little sarcastic bag and get on a doomed plane to nowhere and never come back. Asshole.

That said.

I'd love it if there were occasionally more comments on posts. It's so much fun.


Kate said...

aaah man, you shouldn't have deleted the post. would love to see the asshole make a douche of himself! :)

Peri vP said...

Mmm yes, yes. Comments very important. My comments: I like your blog. It feels like a dew drop trickling down my skin on a warm spring morning.