Monday, June 22, 2009


So, my creative director is blogging from Cannes. Which is extremely cool and hard to compete with. I am still blogging from lame desk, in lame Cape Town office. Lame. The worst part is he has more followers than me - after about 2 days. Shit. Although - I know this - I have loads of people out there who are far too lazy/busy/hate filling in forms/too arty for that shit/paranoid about putting their info on the web, who do read my blog, but don't 'follow'.

(Proof: They tell me when I see them around, and once at Neighbourhood I was approached by a group of 'fans'. 5+ girls. They were defiantly terribly intelligent types. Definitely.)

Still sucks though. Not as much as not getting freaking nominated for ANYTHING at Cannes. French assholes. (Well, the judges are actually from around the world, which just goes to show that asshole-ism is a global phenomenon and most people suck and dogs are way more reliable) To make it worse (Can you believe this day?) Most of the stuff nominated I don't like - at all. There are also a couple things short-listed that come straight out of a book (cheats) and a whole campaign that is totally copied off an artists work. (stolen) Shit.

A: Am I missing something here? Is it perfectly ok to pillage from other creative types - if they aren't in your industry? = fair game? May the person who uses stuff off the quickest win? And win, and win and win.
B: Screw all those 'pro-active' people who skipped all the client meetings, budget constraints, wardrobe fights, styling debates, temperamental photographer ego stroking sessions, stupid AE questions, 'Client concerns' an hour before the shoot and just did 'cool' work.
C: Give up. I'm clearly on a different wave length, and build my own house out of twigs in the Knysna forest and eat only organic things, forever.
D: Learn, as Merle says, from this experience and just do work that you like/enjoy/think is totally rad, for yourself. Like you used to. And separate yourself from all this award nonsense. It is just an elaborate money making scheme anyway.

That said: I still really like shiny stuff with my name on it.


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