Monday, June 8, 2009

I think I'll rebel and go home and bake something

It's weird, but in 'advertising' there is this reverse form of conservative-keep-up-with-the-Jones' peer-pressure system. (i.e Pressure to rebel against anything classed as 'conservative' or 'main -stream' or 'gender based discrimination'.)

Which got me thinking, isn't it actually way more rebellious then to be uber conservative? Like get gangster and knit your own scarf. Or get crazy controversial and go to church on Sundays. Or talk about how much you would like a house with a garden and a dog? Better yet, wear something candy-floss pink that you knitted/sewed to Assembly Friday night, but go home early because of church in the morning and you left rusks in the oven. This is a good example of my rebel-against-rebelling theory. Which, if you think about it, is actually the most rebellious you can possibly be, in an industry as super cool as advertising.

By this theory, I have to say, I am by far the most hardcore-west side massive-rebellious-gangster-ad-woman I've ever known. I like to sew, bake, play with dogs, cuddle babies, baby clothes, don't drink shooters anymore, would choose to stay home and watch a good movie with my good man most eves, etc. I feared revealing any of this to my close arty-farty-actress-freelance buddies initially, until this theory dawned on me, and now I fear no longer, I stand tall.

Cause I know the truth.


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WRM said...

It is hip to be square. I am very hiply square, and it is a good life.