Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Word of the week - Poncy

The other eve I met the 'Ponciestest' man on earth. He will now be known as Captain Ponce - or rather: CPT.P.

CPT.P drives a little convertible that he brought back from England, darling. Where, if you believe a word this delusional James Bond wanabee says, he sleeps with every woman he happens to glance at. Yachting and drinking wine from Spain are his hobbies of choice. He chooses not to laugh, but rather say things like 'ra ra' or 'good show'.

CPT.P is not alone. Ponciness has spread from the southern suburbs outwards to the greater Cape Town area and beyond. In fact, I have encountered many poncy types far away from the safety of Campground road. (They did have to use road maps to navigate to anywhere besides, cavendish or the airport, but that's not the point.)

Try use the word 'poncy' in a sentence today.

"No-one cares if you are friends with Prince William on twitter, stop being such a poncy fuckwit."
"Your argyle sweater is poncy."

"Please call me when you are all ponced-out and/or dead."

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