Sunday, June 28, 2009

A new Day

So, I happened to stumble upon this book on sale at Exclusive books this weekend. It was cheap, I had seen the tv show, so I thought, what the ell! It's about 24 hours later. I've read it twice, bought a lot of supplements, and a juicer. Determined, and slightly scared of the forceful little Scottish woman doctor (she is the one who looks at peops 'stools'), I go forth into a new life, a new day. No more coffee, or evil things like red wine and cigarettes. (for the rest of the week - at least) Bring on the cucumber and celery juice (Ideal for combating stress = need it!) Cool stuff from the book:

If the tip of your tongue is red, it means you are under a lot of emotional stress/possibly going through a tough time. (Try cucumber and celery juice. Avo's, sunflower seeds, almonds and cabbage are apparently also very good for stress.)

Aduki Beans - the weight-loss bean. From Japan (obviously) it burns fat and balances the metabolism. (never heard of it - gonna go to wellness and get a year supply!)

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