Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Movie Critic Time! Hooray!

So I was really sick over the weekend (Blaming the shit aircon at work) So I watched A-LOT of TV. I watched the MTV Video Awards, and couldn't help but notice that this 'Twilight' thing is rather huge. (And that I have a huge crush on Andy from SNL - I didn't jizz in my pants though, no worries) So I rented it. Watched it. I'm still here. I can understand the obsession. A pity they make 'the hot one' jump around in trees and sparkle in a lame way, this is not sexy. It's like watching music videos really (which I like to do, anyway). The hole 'forbidden', you're the chosen one' thing is a tried and tested formula. I guess if I was 16 and had to choose between High School Musical happy-vain-pom pom-freak-fest, or the angsty-sexy-vampire, who wears wayfarers and skinny jeans. It wouldn't be a tough one.

Then I watched VickyChristinaBarcelona. Thought it was cool and cliched. I hated the just-in case-you-were-stupid-and-didn't-know-what-to-feel voice throughout. I realise this is very 'Woody'. I've read some of Woody's short stories, which are really funny, this voice was too much of a buzz kill for me though. Also, the Americans were dressed so badly, jeez, give them a break already.

So as far as interest factor, have to say Twilight was a far more interesting.

And possibly, more relevant?


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