Tuesday, October 20, 2009

3Helix nonsense

Ok, so obviously I've noticed all the signs around town, the activity on Twitter and Alex's little tube on her desk. From the get-go I thought : mmmm, blue and black laces, 3 stripes....probably an addidas shoe launch or something totally street like that. Seeing as I'm not from the street. Or anywhere close, not even the sidewalk, I'm in a building with 'normal people'. I decided to consult my most street/wheat-pasting/gangster / tags trains in his spare time mate - Alexi McCarthy. A.k.a Wolf Cheek. A.k.a pet dog. He confirmed this suspicion. Which made me feel rather smug - and like a wicked street gangster chick. Think I need a shower after all this dirty street business.

Anyway, I'm still gonna go to their launch party.

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