Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stay Focused

It has come to my attention that some folks think my blog ‘lacks focus’. Sure you get the more slightly more famous, more focused blogs like ‘my boyfriend is a twat’ and ‘belle de jour’. Sure those chicks have book deals and a few more readers than me. But, I’m not going to date a loser and become a hooker so that my blog can become more focused. Actually, I think my blog is focused – focused on ‘randomness’. Yes, Randomness. It’s an outlet for all my random thoughts and occurrences. So from now on I’m going to become more focused in my randomness. Only the most random randomness will appear on Fluffy Bunny from now on. If it’s not extreme randomness, it’s not going on the blog. I’ll do things like Biz Stone, creator of twitter; he has launched a new range of ‘twitter wines’. This is a great example of randomness – what does wines have to do with twitter? Maybe research showed that people’s tweets are at least 67.45% more interesting when they have had a bottle of wine? And Biz thought – he I may as well supply that wine? Clever.
Think maybe Biz and I are onto something – stay tuned. ­

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