Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bromance Evidence

Guy has let me publish this private Bromance email. I think he may be a bit off on some points. (most of them) But it is a sweet example of how beautiful Bromance can be:

Dear Cuan

10 Reasons why you are awesome.

1) You have gorgeous big brown eyes like some sort of Disney character.

2) You have thick,glossy hair.

3) You are very well spoken and considerate.

4) You aren't fat at all and actually have a fairly good build. Your arms, shoulders and back stand out much more than they did before.

5) You are very talented writer and thinker.

6) You are very tolerant and socially considerate.

7) You are extremely intelligent and insightful.

8) You are handsome.

9) You stand up for yourself when you need to and don't get caught up in petty issues.

10) You are really good at your job.

From Guy, your best bro forever!

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