Monday, October 26, 2009



The scene. Think Tarantino movie. I'll be Uma.(rad) It's about 6pm on a Monday. I've worked non-stop, even had AE's talking to me with lunch in my mouth. I made one cup of tea that went cold before I could drink it, the whole day. I'd worked all day Sunday - I was going home. But, nay. As I'm about to hit the lift button, someone, somewhere yells: "Half day, hey?" snigger, snigger. Slowing I turn, face twitching, eyes little evil slits: "What did you say?" Moron starts:"I said..." There is a load crack of lightening, a swift and deadly accurate SWOOOOOOOSH, as my sword/steel ruler/chunk of wood glides through the air at the speed of light. CLAAAAAANNNGGGGG! FLOP. I cut the asshole in 2 (or in half - get it? Half day...anyway) I say:"Anybody else have something to say?" Silence. I press the lift button, get in and go home. I may be able to catch a bit of Lettermen before supper. Nice.

WARNING: Do not ever, ever, ever say things like "Half Day" to an overworked creative in the year 2009. It's so freaking 80's Golden Age of advertising terminology. It's out of date - you sound OLD/Lame/stupid/annoying/out of touch. The last people who uttered phrases like that are either divorced, in rehab, dead or all 3. This is the New Ad Generation. We've witnessed the mistakes (and coke mood swings) of our forefathers. We have learned that balance is the key to a healthy life, and this will lead to better work. If you hole yourself up at work 24/7/365 and you never even see the world you are communicating to - then you'll lose touch and start to do work that is irrelevant. The New Ad Generation uses their time at work efficiently, and tries to get things done between 9-5. Because we don't want to end up like them - divorced, in rehab, dead or all 3.

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