Sunday, October 11, 2009

Marmite the Bunny

There I was, working at my computer on a Sunday afternoon. Not too stoked about life - in general. When I had a surprise visit from Miss Marmite the bunny. It was like a little fluffy bunny sign from the bunny Gods that everything is going to be 'Just Fine'. I mean - it's not everyday a bunny just randomly stops by for a visit - is it now?! Unless you are freakishly lucky, or like to wander around dressed as a giant carrot - then maybe.

She is a real bunny - not a figment of my imagination. (I hope) So cute. Apparently she is a really naughty bunny. (Aren't they all?) Stroking her naughty soft and super-duper fluffy hair, made me feel tons better about life - in general.

Concrete proof that a dose of Fluffy Bunny everyday - makes it a better day - in general.

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