Friday, October 16, 2009

An Ode - To Rescue Remedy

It hasn't been the easiest month/year/decade for this fluffy bunny. So, I've decided to write an ode to this wonderful wonderful product - here is my tribute:

O' Rescue Remedy, how wonderful you are.
Ray of sunshine in my lightening storm of stress and woe.
White chew-able Knight that gallantly swoops in and saves me when I am abandoned in my red tower of Peril.
Sweet, fast-acting rainbow of loveliness.
How I adore your lack of side effects and non-addictiveness,
No matter how many of you I take at a time.

O' your homeopathic,mysterious, flower essence,
Your other unpronounceable and random ingredients.
Like a really awesome mythical creature you float in and save my ass time and time again

O' Rescue Remedy, how love thee, let me count the 150 tablets
May you never leave my side or handbag
May they never stop manufacturing you or I'll end up in Valkenburg.

O' Rescue Remedy, I owe my life,
or at least my twenties.

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