Sunday, October 4, 2009

Does anyone in this picture turn you on?

On Saturday eve 3 brave lass's attended a birthday party at Tiger Tiger. As expected it is still a smoky, pukey carpeted pit of school-nerds. We decided to amuse ourselves by ordering a few weird drinks (2 for 1 specials - so you basically have to drink double what you'd normally consume. groan.) Things like 'lesbian school girls' and 'pink panties', Malibu and orange juice. (Why? bleeeh!) Also drank a lot of sweet JC le Roux. Bleeeh again.

We all crashed at Sambo's lovely little cottage in Newlands. I don't know if it was the concoction of sexual innuendo beverages, but everyone had really, really, really strange dreams. Especially Tam.

WARNING: This could be disturbing for some readers.

Alas. Miss Tam Tam had a sex dream - about - Bob Saget!? She must be the first person in about 20 years to have one of these. Perhaps, the first ever? (He would probably be super stoked if he knew - maybe she should mail him?) This 'desire' must have been shelved in her sub-conscious for about 15 years. I mean how about a sex dream about say Seinfeld - at least he is funny and has quirky friends, who aren't 5 year old twins. A Bob Saget Sex dream (B.S.S.D Syndrome) is definitely an early sign of 'crazy' a.k.a Loony Poon Syndrome. Worried. I told her to monitor her early 80's-icon sex dreams and if she starts to feel turned on by Mr T, Kirk Cameron or Dudley Moore, she should call for help immediately. (A doctor - not me. I'm not qualified to handle this type of sick sickness.)


Fran said...

I really am going to tell my shrink, Jen. In retrospect I am grossed out like any normal person. But at the time....
It was so real....
That is BLEH!


A famous actress once said said...

Whaaa haaa haaaaa.... some serious medication needed. Bob SAG-et. Hope he got it up Tam tam.