Sunday, October 25, 2009

Laptop Trust Issues

I’m not sure if I am a laptop person? I’ve always wanted one, and I’m loaning one from work for the next few months, so that I can take my work home with me. (Awesome. Not.) ‘Laptop’ is very descriptive and obvious name. Just wondering why nobody considered calling it say, hunchovermachine? Or Indirectsunlightoryoucan’tseeshitmachine? Or Batteryhasshorterlifespanthanahouseflymachine?

I thought I wanted to be like those super cool Ray ban wearing peops at Vida, chilling with my laptop, coffee in hand, just cruising the web. Blogging a bit, emailing a bit, whatever caught my fancy? I’d be part of the super cool laptop elite, always connected. Strolling around just me and my laptop – just the 2 of us. Sigh. So then why do I feel like a fake?

Not too mention, I’m having trust issues with this white flimsy thing. I feel like I’m cheating on my other Mac. My hands all over this tiny keyboard, saving stuff all over the desktop. I’ve tried changing the desktop, adding some of my music; I may even install tweet deck. Hopefully these things will help me accept this white stranger. Fingers crossed the battery doesn’t die before I can post this.

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Skinny Bitches in the Making said...

that is one of the more superficial reasons I want a laptop too. Except i'd be wearing aviators, sipping a skinny latte and will probably just be on facebook.